Dream Bigger….BE More!

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Well….this is it! My first blog post for Launch a Legacy. Some of you may be wondering what the hell I’m up to so let me explain. I have always dreamed of making a bigger difference and serving others in a way that leverages more of my talents, skills, and desires. To be clear, my life is really good. I have an amazing wife, a wonderful family and many true friends. I have a great job that I enjoy. I live in a nice house in a great neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. Some might say that I am in a really good spot in life.

While I am grateful for all of these things, I know that I have more to give and that I can BE more. Throughout my life I have always thought of myself as a visionary yet I have been playing it pretty safe. Why rock the boat when things are pretty good? Five years ago all of that changed when most of the things I thought were making me happy came crashing down. There’s another time and place for that story but let’s just say that the past five years have been all about realizing what’s most important and reorganizing my life around that.

So what’s this ‘Launch a Legacy’ thing? I guess I could say that it’s something that’s been in the making my entire life. It’s the culmination of so many life lessons, experiences, relationships, inspirations and desires. But it’s mostly about making an Impact! At this point in my life it’s important for me to begin sharing my ideas and using my talents and strengths in a way that brings remarkable value to other people.

Launch a Legacy is an idea dedicated to the art of aligning meaningful and purpose-driven work with financial security. This idea was born of my own desire and interest to pursue a meaningful project outside of my regular job. It’s really about exploring the possibilities of creating your life’s work…and doing it in a way that is sustainable and gives you the greatest chance to succeed.

The way I intend to do this is:

1)     Write about it! I will share the very best ideas I have about creating a project/experiment/side business that is meaningful and profitable. I will not share ideas unless I feel they will be life changing.

2)     Start a web show called ‘Launch a Legacy’ where I will video interview remarkable people living extraordinary lives. I will share the stories of these brave souls who are making waves  and having a big impact on the world (more on the target launch date later).

3)     Be an example. I will share my progress of creating a meaning project that earns income. I will share all of the ups and downs along the way so that others can learn from my victories and my mistakes.

The Bottom Line

I care about one thing. I want you to wake up inspired and fall asleep fulfilled because you’re fearlessly giving your gifts to the world.

At Launch a Legacy, I want to wake-up people that are sleepwalking through life and inspire them to live more fully.

As the ‘Launch a Legacy Show’ goes live, I will publish a weekly video interview to challenge you to trust your gut, break all the rules that don’t matter anyway, and be brave in the pursuit of your dreams and desires.

Are you ready to Launch a Legacy?

Micheal Knouse

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